Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Biscuit brief ICED GEMS

These are meant to highlight the human truth of when you eat iced gems you only REALLY want to eat the icing on the top, and you try and avoid eating the biscuit.

Plastic model Glue "Precision" I apologize for the awful drawing, graphics tabs aren't my thing.

This is meant to be the gun from the game Cluedo with a silencer on it.

This is meant to be a mermaid attached to the front of a battleship.

UHU "For STICKY situations"

This is meant show someone has glued a horrific shirt to the hanger so their husband doesn't wear it.

This is meant to be a stack of really bad records and they've glued to sleeve of a particularly bad record (probably Phil collins) together to stop their parents playing it.

This is meant to be a baby book glued underneath a table, so the teenagers parents couldn't get it out to show their boyfriend.

The posters are meant to show how you can use UHU glue to get out of an embarrassing situation by using its strong bonding quality.
Ideally they would be pictures.